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Pita Pit

Leveraging direct marketing and partnerships to drive store sales for a quick service restaurant

Company Description

Pita Pit is a Canadian quick-service restaurant franchise serving pita sandwiches with fresh vegetables, grilled meat and sauces. Its Canadian and global headquarters are in Kingston, Ontario


Improve store traffic and drive sales by 15% for Pita Pit Vancouver


  • Create a field marketing campaign including the distribution of flyers and posters to increase local marketing engagement within 10KM

  • Develop an influencer marketing campaign and push content on social media

  • Shortlist potential strategic partners to target a niche audience


Secured local reward partnerships with nearby businesses and communities including Gold’s Gym, Bird Coop Fitness Centre, Arc Fitness, Hotbox Yoga, and Dalhousie Apartments



Increase in foot traffic



Increase in sales



Partnerships secured

Impact by Numbers

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