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The Essentials 

These are my top picks for tools that will guide any business to become more structured and efficient. 
Did I mention all these platforms have FREE plans!

Brand Strategist | Marketing Advisor | Online Marketing Strategist


An all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses and startups. Sendinblue has features such as email marketing, landing page creation, automation and more. The make digital marketing super simple and stress-free.

Marketing Strategy Consulting | Growth Marketing for Startups | Startup Marketing Advisor


One of the best social media management platforms. Schedule your posts with ease and listen to what your audience is saying about you. This is a solid tool to consolidate all social analytics in one place



The perfect platform to store your CRM data, spreadsheets and content plans. You can customize the dashboards to fit you needs. Manage your data with easy and with no-code

Content Marketing Expert | Small Business Marketing Expert | Marketing Strategist


This is a no-brainer for any business. Canva helps you with all your basic graphic design needs may it be a social media graphic or print ad. Canva also let's you create beautiful presentations for any meeting.

Marketing Strategist | Brand Consultant | Brand Strategist


A great way to manage projects and drive productivity. Track, manage, and connect your projects across any team with Asana. It's simple and convienent

Marketing Consultant | Marketing Freelancer | Digital Marketing Strategist


You’ll never pay full price for software again! AppSumo gives you the best software deal. Enjoy lifetime software deals, discounts on small business tools, & free resources.



Security is incredibly important for any business. Lastpass keeps it all safe in one place and lets you take control of your digital data

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