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Venture for Pakistan

Building the Pakistan Tech ecosystem from the ground up through community and partnerships

Company Description

Venture For Pakistan creating economic opportunity in Pakistani cities by mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and opportunities within Pakistan's tech ecosystem.

The program includes an 8-week work placement, deep dives and master classes by industry experts from Google, Meta, Amazon and more.


Grow the VFP community and secure top-tier partners for the fellowship


  • Develop a growth marketing plan and content calendar on a quarterly basis

  • Highlight specific CTAs to drive online growth - either by signing up for the bi-weekly newsletter or joining the slack community

  • Leverage LinkedIn as the driving channel for growth by targetting content to startups and young adults

  • Leverage outbound networking through Linkedin and word of mouth to create a partner network


  • Generated 15M impression specific in the MENAP region

  • Created a partner directory of over 150 startups



new followers



weekly newsletter signups w/ an active list of 10K subscribers



Slack community in 6 months

Impact by Numbers

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